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Address by Mr. Md. ShahriarAlam, MP Hon’ble Statement Minister for Foreign Affairs as the Chief Guest in the in the inaugural of the XIIIth Congress of Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine (AATM)

Address by Mr. Md. ShahriarAlam, MP Hon’ble Statement Minister for Foreign Affairs as the Chief Guest in the in the inaugural of the XIIIth Congress of Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine (AATM) on 17 November 2017organised by the AATM and BTSB (Blood Transfusion Society of Bangladesh)
Mr. President/Chair of the XIIIth Congress of Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine-AATM,
Organisers of this event –AATM and Blood Transfusion Society of Bangladesh-BTSB,
Distinguished Delegates and participants of the event,
Honoured Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen
Good Evening to you all
It’s a privilege and honour for me to be here amongst you on this august annual Congress of the AATM. I am impressed by this gathering of renowned experts and pioneers in the field of transfusion medicine as they are going to deliberate on the theme of “Quality Practice in Apheresis Medicine and Cellular Therapy.” I thank and congratulate the organisers of the event.
This event of 19 member Asian organisation in a specialised field of health being held in Dhaka is very heartening for us. Dhaka’s contribution through AATM Congress - the outcome in terms of further enhancement of regional and international cooperation, productive exchange of views, updating and keeping us abreast of developments in the field of blood transfusion services, contribution to any higher standard is definitely going to make us proud. We are particularly happy to observe the spirit of friendship, trust and understanding manifested in this gathering and the enthusiasm demonstrated to work together for solutions to our common problems.
Distinguished Delegates and participants,
We are living in an age of specialization and high technology. The development of the field of blood transfusion, and related medical and therapeutic services under the broader field of life sciences depend squarely on both. The AATM has therefore, come up for cooperation to address the prime issues of specialization and technology. The primary objective of the Association is rightly to accelerate the scientific progress and common standard in Blood Transfusion Services (BTS) in member states in the region. There is no alternative to international cooperation and cooperation in high technology and professionalism. These are crucial to take the standard higher at least at per with the contemporary international level. Here lies the importance of AATM and its Congress for our region. Then, in any scientific field especially in life sciences and matters of technology or professional know-how nothing short of standard or quality is acceptable. Quality cannot be compromised. Here lies the significance of the theme chosen for this Congress – “Quality Practice in Apheresis Medicine & Cellular Therapy.”
We are happy that the countries in AATM certainly with the zeal and activism of their respective national components of AATM are giving due attention to the need of specialisation, study and research in transfusion services. I am confident, that is contributing enormously to the national policy, programmes and activities as well as institutional development in the field. For Bangladesh, Blood transfusion services that started in Bangladesh since the fifties have seen significant development and progress today. Blood Transfusion Society of Bangladesh- BTSB with the pioneering role of some Professors (Prof. Dr. Mujibur Rahman and Prof. Musharraf Husain) some of whom may be here and heavily involved in AATM, are making relentless efforts in various positive developments in Bangladesh – be it safe transfusion, process of “Blood Policy”, enactment of regulatory law called– “Blood Transfusion Act- 2002”, process of establishing “National Blood Transfusion Centre”, prospective “Transfusion Medicine Foundation”, or ongoing and expanding medical education programmes on Transfusion medicine towards meeting our national demands. Government of Bangladesh much appreciates and supports their efforts and role and commends their cooperation within the framework of AATM.
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,
You have already heard what commendable work AATM has been doing through its external relations with various scientific societies, associations related to Transfusion Medicine in South Asian countries, inter-governmental organizations, international and global bodies and various professional associations in other parts of the world with similar goals. You have also heard how AATM has been promoting the standard of blood transfusion services in our region and bringing benefits to member countries. AATM deserves our high acclaim and best wishes for its programmes of education and training. We thank them for contribution to human resources development and achieving highest standard at all levels as well as for advocacy campaign. Holding regular seminars and workshops; capacity building and quality Management programmes; assisting member countries with external assessment system and accreditation programmes and advisory support are key in the field. This, I understand AATM is doing.
Let me stress the need for mechanism and arrangements of providing quality external assessment and accreditation support to the institutions in member countries. That is required to ensure quality and standard that AATM is talking about in terms of programmes, transfusion services and degrees.
Also important are R&D and innovation. In this connection I emphasise that the door of R&D and innovation must be kept open and efforts must be kept on. There is no point in rejecting or blocking improvement or alternatives in life sciences in the name of professional interest or standard. We need to keep in mind that innovations are always disruptive and it is better for the relevant community of health practitioners to absorb and adjust with disruption and maintain the march of advancement in equal pace with the wider world. Professional excellence and technological edge are the two things that have to be pursued at all times and all our places to provide the best of transfusion services and therapy in the better interest and benefit of a huge chunk of humanity falling in our region. Linkages, cooperation and collaboration are a must there.
I confident the AATM Congress here will address all these issues for desired outcomes.
[I declare this Congress open]
Thank you all.

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Friday, November 17, 2017