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State Minister for Foreign Affairs met high officials of Japan Government

On the third day of his visit to Japan, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs attended a series of meetings with high officials of the Government of Japan.

In the morning, he met the President of JICA, Mr. Shinichi Kitaoka and exchanged ideas for further strengthening bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Japan. The State Minister expressed his deepest condolences for the Japanese lives lost in Dhaka on 1st July 2016 and informed the various measures that the Government of Bangladesh has taken to combat terrorism. Both of them recognized the importance of regional connectivity to foster growth and the JICA President responded positively to the State Minister’s idea to funding regional infrastructure projects that would establish connectivity among potential countries in the region and expand market.

In the afternoon, he met the State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. NobouKishi and informed the Minister about various measures taken by Bangladesh Government to combat terrorism. Mr. Kishi assured that Japan was ready to assist Bangladesh in all possible means to fight terrorism. Indicating that the situation in Bangladesh had improved a lot since the incident last year, the State Minister also requested Mr. Kishi to consider withdrawal of travel alert.

The State Minister then met the State Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Yosuke Isozaki. During their discourse they exchanged various ideas and thoughts to promote mutual interests of Bangladesh and Japan. The State Minister particularly highlighted the importance of cooperation in the field of agriculture and stressed on the importance of technical cooperation in this sector.

Earlier in the morning, the State Minister attended a roundtable discussion at the Foreign Correspondents Club, Japan (FCCJ) and engaged with the foreign correspondents on various issues including the development initiatives undertaken in Bangladesh.

The Ambassador of Bangladesh in Tokyo and other high officials from the Embassy of Bangladesh in Tokyo and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka accompanied the State Minister at all the meetings and events.

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017