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Last updated: 18th September 2017

Rules of Business

  • As per the allocation of business, the MOFA performs the following functions:
  • Execution of the policy decisions of the Government;
  • Maintenance of political/diplomatic relations and dealings with other countries;
  • Coordination with the international organizations and world bodies;
  • Arrangement of agreements and treaties including boundary and territorial treaties with other countries and international organizations   and treatment, custody and preservation of state documents connected therewith;
  • Diplomatic and consular representations abroad;
  • Facilitation of making peace with other countries;
  • Synchronization of matters related with foreign and extra-territorial jurisdictions;
  • Harmonization of activities of Bangladesh Missions abroad with the activities of different Ministries/Divisions;
  • Organization of visits and execution of protocol and ceremonial matters connected with the foreign, diplomatic and consular representatives and other protocol matters;
  • Arrangement of tours of the President in foreign countries;
  • Execution of policy regarding extradition to and from other countries and repatriation of Bangladesh nationals from abroad;
  • Arrangement of security and management of operation of cipher traffic;
  • Acceptance of foreign title, honor, award or decoration of Bangladesh nationals;
  • Promotion of cultural, economic, technical, trade and commerce, education and training of Bangladeshi citizens and officials and welfare of Bangladeshi expatriates;
  • Treatment of matters related with foreign refugees and descendants of those who rendered services to Bangladesh abroad;
  •  Collaboration with the Ministry of Information on external publicity;
  • Arrangement of press release on news/comments published in the foreign press about the President and on matters having a direct bearing on President in consultation with the Ministry of Information;
  • Implementation of matters relating to the establishment of diplomatic, consular and Trade Missions in Bangladesh and their immunities;
  • Dealings in the matters of piracies and crimes committed on the high seas or in the air;
  • Arrangement of hospitality grant of the Government of Bangladesh;
  • Discharge of diplomatic flight clearances for non-scheduled chartered flights of foreign civil and military aircraft transiting Bangladesh;
  • Promotion of the matters relating to continental shelf, territorial waters, contiguous zones and questions of fishery rights in the high seas and other questions of international law;
  • Administration of training of diplomatic personnel and budgetary support to the Foreign Service Academy;
  • Dealing with the matters pertaining to Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS);
  •  Administration of the cadre B.C.S. (Foreign Affairs);
  • Maintenance of liaison with International Organizations and dealing in the matters relating to treaties and agreements with other countries and world bodies according to the allocation of business;
  • Consultation with the Ministry of Law in all legal matters; Consultation with the concerned Ministries in all other relevant matters.

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