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Last updated: 25th September 2018
Press Release

Press Release on PM makes 3 proposals for resolving Rohingya crisis

Dhaka, 24 September 2018: (Received From New York,)

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina this morning addressed the High-level Event on the Global Compact on Refugees: A Model for Greater Solidarity and Cooperation at the United Nations Headquarters. Organized by UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the high level event was attended by the United Nations Secretary General Mr. António Guterres and the World Bank President Mr. Jim Yong Kim.

In her address, the Prime Minister welcomed the adoption of global compact on refugees. She mentioned that currently 65 million people are livings as refugees and mostly the developing countries are hosting them. She invited the world leaders to come forward with political will and commitment in resolving Refugee crisis.

Highlighting on the magnitude of Rohingyas crisis and its impact on Bangladesh, the Prime Minister underscored the need for addressing the root causes of forced displacement and urged the international community to intensify its efforts in resolving protracted crises by ensuring safe and sustainable return of the refugee population to their homelands.

Hon’ble Prime Minister also requested the international partners to help the UN in implementing its joint response plan – the humanitarian assistance programme for the Rohingyas with necessary funding.

For resolution of longstanding Rohingya crisis peacefully and sustainably, Hon’ble Prime Minister made three specific recommendations:

First, Myanmar must abolish discriminatory laws, policies and practices against Rohingyas and address the root causes of forced displacement in a genuine and timely manner.

Second, Myanmar must create a conducive environment by building trust and guaranteeing protection, rights and pathway to citizenship for all Rohingyas. If needed, create a “safe zone” inside Myanmar to protect all civilians.

Third, prevent atrocity crimes against Rohingyas in Myanmar by bringing accountability and justice, particularly in light of the recommendations of the Fact-Finding Mission of the UN Human Rights Council.

Hon’ble Prime Minister reiterated that Rohingya crisis has been originated in Myanmar and the solution has to be found in Myanmar. By opening the border and sheltering the displaced Rohingyas, Bangladesh has not only saved lives, we have stabilized the entire region by containing the crisis within our border, she added.

The Prime Minister referred to the impacts of Rohingya influx on Bangladesh’s socio-economic life and environment and announced that pending return, the Rohingyas will be relocated to a newly developed island called Bhashan Char. She also reiterated that Bangladesh does not have any policy of local integration and the Rohingyas must return to their own country to secure their own future.

The event was also attended by a number of world leaders, humanitarian and development agencies and representative of NGOs and business community. Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh was invited by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to deliver her perspectives on the occasion of adoption of Global Compact on Refugees.


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